What treasures are hiding in your attic?

You're like so many people... sitting on their kids' toys (or their own!) and don’t really have a use for them, but can’t bear to throw them out -- they’re worth so much to you, they couldn’t be worth anything to anyone else though, right?

Turns out you could be wrong: After all, history repeats itself, right? New generations are looking to the past more and more, from vinyl to toys, and you could be sitting on a gold mine.

Here’s a few items that could be fetch you a pretty penny:

  1. Vinyl: Did you know the biggest retailer of vinyl is...Urban Outfitters? In case that doesn’t mean anything to you, let me put it this way: Vinyl is cool again. And some folks are willing to pay to be cool.

    So what pays to play for vinyl? Think big names: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and more. The Beatles’ Yesterday and Today from 1966 is probably one of the more famous albums for collectors, because of its infamous “butcher” cover. The record company recalled the 750,000 records that went out, but as with all recalls, some of the originals remained, and some can fetch up to $15,300.

  2. American Girl Dolls: Kids loved them, parents loved their connection to American History, but so many of the original American Girl Dolls have been “retired,” and that has left their original fan club missing them even more.

    Many of the retired dolls are showing up for major bucks on eBay. Kirsten, the American pioneer, will fetch you up to $2,200 if you have her outfits and furniture. Felicity, the feisty colonial heroine, with outfits and books could go for $700. And World War II’s Molly with her whole array of outfits and accessories could go for a whopping $1,700. Even without the dolls, some of the accessories alone are worth some major money. If you’re not using your old pals, trust me -- someone is looking for them

  3. Beanie Babies: Remember when parents would give an arm and a leg for these? Some people still might -- Beanie Babies are still a hot commodity, depending on what you’ve got.

    Obviously, the best Beanie Baby has always been the Princess Diana bear from 1997 -- one was worth nearly $100,000! Even though that is the rarest of rare beanies, many of the Princess Diana bears still fetch a good price, and are worth checking out. 

    Other worthwhile beanies? Peanut the elephant fetched more than $3,000 at auction in 2000; Valentino the bear, with his misspelled tag; Patti the magenta platypus; and Mystic, the unicorn. You never know what you might have…

We’re here to help identify trash from treasure, and we can do so from a simple picture or two.