Hummel Figurines Value: What are they worth?

Regardless if you have one or many Hummel Figurines, you are probably curious- what are my Hummel Figurines worth? Though Hummels are one of the most popular figurines collections in the world, there are several Hummel Figurines that are worth over $1K- so you may be in luck. Do you have one of the these lucky Hummel Figurine treasures?

There are a few things you can do to check: 

  1. Confirm that the bottom of your figurine has the Hummel maker's mark
  2. Identify the engraved style number on the bottom of your figurine
  3. Whether you're trying to find the Hummel Values UK or US, or any other currency, check out the Hummel Figurines Value Price Guide for over 300 unique varieties to see if you can find the one(s) you own and its resale value.  Keep in mind, that condition is assumed to be mint condition. 
  4. Don't see your figurine in the Price Guide? Submit a photo of yours to us, and we can do the digging for you: we will tell you your Hummel Figurine's Value & a brief history of the item within 24 hours.

Hummel's origin is from the sketch artist Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel from Germany. Her sketches were mostly pastoral drawings of children.   A Swiss art publisher came across her art and took the opportunity to popularize them through selling postcards.  As these Hummel's postcards became popular they caught the eye of Franz Goebel, porcelain maker and head of W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik. Goebel acquired rights to turn Hummel's drawing into figurines, producing the first line in 1935.  Goebel was one of many mid-size porcelain firms competing in the US market and Franz Goebel´s knack for novelty marketing caused the figurines to become popular in the US during the 1930s.  The target market in the US was German immigrants on the East Coast and then increased during World War II as American soldiers stationed in West Germany began sending the figurines home as gifts.  A vibrant market in Hummel figurines developed and in the 1970s, Hummel figurines skyrocketed in price, and then plummeted in the last 20 years and most sell for less than $50.

Which Hummel Figurine do you own?