The Market Value of Old Indian Coins, commonly called Temple Tokens

I have been asked numerous times about the selling price of old Indian coins and one of the common types of coins that people are looking for the value of indian old coins are commonly referred to as “Temple Tokens”.  If you have traveled to India, you may have seen many of these Indian coins for sale.  And as a tourist, you probably have purchased one for a momento of your travels.  I would do the same as coins are small, easy to travel with and most importantly easy to store when you get back from your travels.  

Now it has been some time from your trip to India and when going through your pictures and other misc items you brought home … you come across your coin.  What is it?  You don’t know anything about Indian coin history or the value of old indian coins and notes.  You search online and look at pages of Indian old coins images and hope that maybe you struck gold.  There are thousands of Indian old coins and after a while you give up.  You throw that coin back in the your desk drawer and slam it closed.  Then a few months later you come across that coin again, go back online and search for an answer but are getting conflicting information.  Back in the drawer, slam it shut again.  If you just want confirmation that what you have is a mass produced “Temple Token” or possibly something that is hundreds of years old, check out StuffSavvy and you will get your answer back in 24 hours.  Your desk drawer will thank you.