Find the Value of your Vintage Book Accessories

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There's one thing you will notice about antique & vintage bookends : they weigh a lot. That's because they were made of heavy substances like wrought iron, cast metal, ceramic, of carved stone. The most popular (& collectible) bookends were made of solid bronze. Learn more about Vintage Bookends >


Woven silk bookmarks called Stevengraphs (because they were made in Coventry, England by Thomas Stevens) were very popular in Victorian times. The Jacquard loom opened the door to their manufacture, but that wouldn't matter if Stevens had not seen the possibilities in the bookmark business. Learn more about Vintage Bookmarks >


Bookplates (aka ex-libris) began as simple inscriptions but evolved into printed woodcut & further into a from of art attractive to top level illustrators & artists. Learn more about Vintage Bookplates >