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The biggest names in glassmaking from the last 300 years made decanters. Artisans like the 1600's English glassmaker George Ravenscroft made them, as did the glassmaking legends on a future era like Lalique, Tiffany, & Northwood. Learn more about Antique Decanters > 


Nobody knows where all these historical flasks came from, but it is known that in Philadelphia, a Thomas W. Dyott, of the Kensington Glass Works, sometimes gets the credit for making flasks that honored the Marquis de Lafayette & George Washington in October of 1824. Learn more about Antique Flasks >


When Prohibition came along, bottle making machines had just made their debut. That means that if the bottle in question is machine made, more than likely it was made after Prohibition. If its hand-blown, it was probably made before 1919. Learn more about British Glass > 


Between WWI & WWII, Art Deco replaced Art Nouveau & mass production replaced hand-crafting. Post-WWI, they made clear brilliant lead crystal objects somewhat similar to their Daum Christalerie de Nancy products of the 1920s. Learn more about Antique Whiskey Bottles >