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It's fun to save money in and antique mechanical piggy bank. Drop a coin in, pull the lever, & watch it go! Your coin might being shot from a cannon into a fort, end up in being swallowed by and animal, of dropped into a mechanical hand that then slides the coin into his pocket. Learn more about Mechanical Banks >


Post WWII, other pottery businesses got into the piggy bank game, like Studio Sweiler. They became famous for their miniature animal figurines & their low-slung piggy banks. Learn more about Antique Piggy Banks >


Any sort of money box, strong box, of any other device designed to take money is called a still bank. The most famous of these is the piggy bank, which gets its name from the orange clay once called pig that was once used as a crude money storage device - you simply stuck your coin into the clay. Learn more about Antique Still Banks >